DF n°302, December 31st, 2018

For this seven-hour-long radio programme, we came back on some of the best albums, films, books and DVDs that were released in 2018.
The writer Christophe Siébert was in the studios with us for some readings of new material.
And friends and DJs Makina Girgir and Last Hetero were there too for their Best of 2018. Beware, some of their choices might be far apart from the dark/experimental style you are used to.

Part 1 :
RANDAL DUNN, Lava Rock and Amber - Beloved
CURRENT 93, The Birds are sweetly singing - Light is leaving us all
DEAD CAN DANCE, Liberator of Minds - Dionysus
JARBOE, Karua - The Cut of the Warrior
LUCRECIA DALT, Errors of Skin - Anticlines
SILENT SERVANT, Loss Response - Shadows of Death and Desire
BEAU WANZER, Snake and Shake - Waves of the Future
BEAK >, Brean down - >>>
GHOSTLAND, Don't Wait - Dances on Walls
ADULT., Silent Exchange - This Behavior
JOAKIM, Innuendo (Francisco, Spain) - The Studio Venezia Sessions
SILENT SERVANT, Optimistic Decay - Shadows of Death and Desire

Review of films : KNIFE + HEART by Yann Gonzalez, THE WILDS BOYS by Bertrand Mandico, THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by  Lars Von Trier, CLIMAX by Gaspar Noe, THE LAST MOVIE by Dennis Hopper, ROAR by Noel Marshall...
Review of books : JE SERAI LE DERNIER HOMME by David Coulon, ORIFICES by Henri Clerc and Lucas Otin

Christophe Siébert reading an excerpt from DIMENSION VIOLENCES (Luna Beretta, "En vie")

DREKKA, Spring Rain, Indian Summer (excerpt) - Examinations 2016-2018
DEATH IN JUNE, My Florida Dawn - Essence !
FATHER MURPHY, Communion - Rising

TECHNIQUES BERLIN, Metropolis - Breathing
SLEEP, Marijuanaut's Theme - The Sciences
CONSEQUENTIAL, I Love Her - MicroComposed 1980-86
CALVIN JOHNSON - A Wonderful Beast - A Wonderful Beast
RADKO, Brutalista - Cherno PPP / Brutalista
TOBIAS BERNSTRUP, Technophobic - Technophobic
FM ATTACK, I saw her dancing - Astrowave (Dreamer Edition)
ELYSIAN FIELDS, Beyond the Horizon - Pink Air
SEACRYPT, The Sequel - The Sequel
BRANT BJORK, Mankind Woman - Mankind Woman
VILLES NOUVELLES, Schneller - At the End of Truth
ADULT. This Behavior - This Behavior
MAX VINCENT, Beograd - Beograd
CHRIS CARTER, Solidit (Climax Edit) - Climax : Soundtrack
FU MANCHU, Intelligent Worship - Clone of the Universe
RUSSKAYA BESPREDMETNOST, Krutyas I Sverkaya - Detriti Compilation n°2
VNV NATION, Only Satellites - Noire
KUZINA, Пепел - Vrun
J MASCIS, See you at the Movies - Elastic Days
BLACK REPLICA, Mathematische Augen - Black Replica
EGYPTIAN LOVER, To 1985 - 1985

Extra : SPIRITUALIZED, I'm your Man - And Nothing Hurt
Listener's Choice : TRIBULATION, 100 Years (The Cure) - Children of the Night
THE SOFT MOON, Like a Father - Criminal
LEBANON HANOVER, Gravity Sucks - Let Them Be Alien
SECOND STILL, Opening - Equals
TRAITRS, Thin Flesh - Butcher's Coin
FACS, Just a Mirror - Negative Houses
DEAR DEER, Stracila - Chew-Chew
INHALT, Language - Commerce EP
DENIS FRAJERMAN, Face à la nuit - Herbes et golems
LIVING TEMPLES, Luke - Against the Day
JOHANN JOHANNSON, Death and Ashes - Mandy Soundtrack
Reading : Excerpts from the new version of "Nuit noire" by Christophe Siébert
TIM HECKER, This Life - Konoyo

Part 2 :
PUCE MARY, Slouching Uphill - The Drought
LANA DEL RABIES, Reign - Shadow // World
THOUGHT GANG, Multi Tempo Wind Boogie - Thought Gang
JOHANN JOHANNSSON, Starling - Mandy : Soundtrack
JOZEF VAN WISSEM, How You Must Leave - We Adore You, You Have No Name
PRAM, Thistledown - Across the Meridian
TABULA NUL, Mnésie - split tape with Radiante Pourpre
HERZ JÜHNING, Blood Will Boil - Samsara
MICHAEL IDEHALL, Built Apart - Prophecies of the Storm
PUCE MARY, Red Desert - The Drought
SALOLI, Nocturne - The Deep End
NORDRA, Ships - Pylon II
PRAM, Where the sea stops moving - Across the Meridian
HERZ JÜHNING, Wiedereintritt - Samsara
MICHAEL IDEHALL, Awakening - Prophecies of the Storm
GRAND MAL X, Stjärndamm - Darkness
INHALT, Schwarz - Commerce EP
BOY HARSHER, Fate - Careful
SUIR, Gewalt - Soma
PHEW, Sonic Morning - Voice Hardcore
MURCOF, Chapitre N - Lost in Time
AUTECHRE, Dummy Casual Pt 2 - NTS Session 2
DREW McDOWALL, Rhizome - The Third Helix
DISTEL, Anima - Wapens
HARDY FOX, Christ - Hardy Fox
BOY HARSHER, Crush - Careful
CURRENT 93, The Milkmaid sings - Light is leaving us all
BARNETT + COLOCCIA, Bachelor's Grove - VLF
DEL REY & THE SUN KINGS - The Odessa Staircase - Le Cuirassé Potemkine (new Potemkine Blu-ray edition)
CIENFUEGOS, Opened Cell - Autogolpe
AN-I & ALESSANDRO ADRIANI, With You - Waves of the Future
BOY HARSHER, Tears - Careful
WETWARE, Frequent Dreamlands - Automatic Drawing
THOUGHT GANG, Jack paints it red - Thought Gang

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