DF n°10, Interview with TRISOMIE 21, June 2nd, 2005

No need to introduce Trisomie 21. They have been a very important reference in France in the field of electronic music and "cold wave" sound. We are part of this generation who grew up listening to Passions Divisées, Wait and Dance or Million Lights, so it was a great honour when Hervé Lomprez accepted to come to our radio show. I was sick at that moment, so my voice is really strange. It seems that I am quite sad and on the verge of crying, but I was really happy to meet my teenage years heroes. They brought some records with them, as remixes of their Happy Mystery Child album were to come out, but I only found the first part of the show with the entire interview. Nevertheless, we learn a lot of things so if you like this band, you will enjoy it, for sure.

Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/?dapk7y0xr4acevh

DF n°8, Interviews with VOX POPULI! / GITANJALI & VON MAGNET, April 7th, 2005

Here are two interviews with cult French bands Vox Populi! and Von Magnet, taken directly form our archives. The interview with Axel and Mithra Kyrou from Vox Populi! revolved around their new work under the name Gitanjali. The interview with Phil Von from Von Magnet dealt mainly with the album they had just released at the time, De l'Aimant.

Part 1 : Interview VOX POPULI ! / GITANJALI :

Part 2 : Interview VON MAGNET