DF n°237 Live Session and Interview with GORDON ASHWORTH, November 16th, 2015

Based on acoustic instruments and phenomena, field recordings, tape manipulation, movement in space and a constant contrast between intimacy and sociability, the sonic world of Gordon Ashworth is pure fascination and poetry. It was thus a great honor for us to receive this musician from Portland, Oregon, in our radio studios for a recorded live session, followed by an interview with him about his life and work.

During this same show, we came back on an interview we had last year with Australian filmmaker Rolf de Heer around his masterpiece "Bad Boy Bubby". A restored version is right now on the screens of Toulouse for the whole month of November. A good way to (re-)discover this incredible movie.

DIGEP, Etiop Kiraly
BEAT HAPPENING, Knock on Any Door
DAVID SHEA, Circe / Ars Nova II
PAN & ME, UnAlaska
BÄSTARD, Kuro Shivo
Interview with ROLF DE HEER around BAD BOY BUBBY
AK'CHAMEL, Nightmare Animals / Tunqajuaq
THE HET with ANGELS VOX PRIDE, Adult Russia / Behind a Fog
DEUTSCH NEPAL, Take U Out of Control
KARNNOS, Away, on a Wind Like Running Horses
ETANT DONNES & MICHAEL GIRA, Offenbarung & Untergang Part VI
HOROLOGIUM, Nasz Wieczny Smiech
GORDON ASHWORTH, When I get Home / Beggar's Summer
Live Session with GORDON ASHWORTH.
GORDON ASHWORTH, To Be the Man I Want to Be
MASTER/SLAVE RELATIONSHIPS, Passage Away From Difficulty
TUSEN AR UNDER JORD Sorgsendoemet Fobos  PartVI
Interview with GORDON ASHWOTH
TROPIC OF CANCER, Stop Suffering
CLAY RENDERING, Swallow the Century
PIERRE BASTIEN & MECANIUM, La nuit des sauriens / My Ghost

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