DF 225 Special Show on Beläten label, April 20th, 2015

On April 5th, we met Thomas M. Ekelund from the label Beläten and the band Trepaneringsritualen in Paris during a special night organized by Kosmo Kino Plaza around the Swedish industrial scene. We had an interview with him and we also asked him to make a mix with some of his personal favorites, both old stuff and coming records on Beläten. So here it is, and you will hear that Thomas has very eclectic tastes in music !

JOY OF LIFE, Liberty (Hear the Children)
DEATH IN JUNE, Little Black Angel (But, What Ends When the Symbols Shatter)
KING DUDE, Jesus in the Courtyard (Burning Daylight)
VIET CONG, Newspaper Spoons (Viet Cong)
GOZ MONGO ALLIANCE, So please go away ( A Somatic Response)
L'AVENIR, Fallout (L'Avenir)
ALL YOUR SISTERS, Pressures of Faith (Modern Failures)
ASHBURN COUNTY, Mental Pain (Our Dead Selves Rise - A Collection)
DISTEL, White Soldier (Ultra 2012)
Interview Thomas Martin Ekelund
TREPANERINGSRITUALEN, Beläten (The Totality of Death) / Castrate Christ (Perfection & Permanence)
SOMA SEMA, Under Waves (Foreward + Rewind : The Future Echo Tapes)
ARM, Enheartened (Enheartened)
SHINJUKU THIEF, Walking at Dusk (The Witch Haven)

Mix by Thomas Ekelund / Beläten

THE RONETTES, Baby, I love you (Be my Baby)
MICHAEL IDEHALL, Spiderwoman (Deep Code)
MAKTHAVERSKAN, Distance (Makthaverskan II)
DISTEL, Nord (Nord EP NEW !)
SALALIGAN, Samen (Dansa Med Fig 13)
FRANKE, Ställs mot dig (Optimismens Han)
SKYWAVE, Wear this Dress (Synthstatic)
VEIL OF LIGHT, All you have (Head/Blood/Chest EP NEW !)
KRUNCH, Expressen (We're back... but we're evil)
CORTEX, Dance the Cancer (Samlingsskiva)
LILLE ROGER, Hamburg 35 (Golden Shower)
AUTENTISK FILM, Lebenssraum (On-Slaught n°5)
DAYBED, And your Mind (Weird Sailing LP NEW !)
DEATH IN JUNE, She Said Destroy (Nada!)
THE MOON LAY HIDDEN BENEATH A CLOUD, Untitled (Were you of Silver, Were You of Gold)
GARMARNA, Sorgsen Ton (Vedergällningen)
THE HORSES OF THE GODS, John Barleycorn (John Barleycorn Reborn)
CRASS, Bloody Revolutions (Best Before...1984)

SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, Blood of Martyrs (Apocalypse Mix)

Download Links :
Part 1 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/6i9850rtlcaha68/DF200415+Belaten+TE+part1.mp3
Part 2 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/qm15d4nsu8hyaf4/DF200415+Belaten+TE+part2.mp3