DF n°191, Interview with STEPHEN SAYADIAN (RINSE DREAM), December 2nd, 2013

In this radio programme we talked a lot about cinema, but very different genres indeed. First, we had an interview with Stephen Sayadian aka Rinse Dream, the man behind such Midnight Movie classics as Nightdreams, Café Flesh or Dr Caligari, with their unique mixture of avant-garde, new wave aesthetics, surrealism and hardcore pornography. We broadcasted excerpts of the very long interview we had with this very creative filmmaker during the Etrange festival in Paris last september, dealing mostly with the shooting of the three masterpieces he made. In the same show, we dealt also with two famous films that were made at the end of the great "New Hollywood" period of the seventies : The Fury by Brian de Palma and Heavn's Gate by Michael Cimino, which have just been released on collector editions as DVDs and Blurays by Carlotta.

Playlist :

GUN CLUB, Black Hole
ANNABELLE'S GARDEN, Winter Moon Descends
MITTAGEISEN, Aragon Libertario
WALL OF VOODOO, Ring of Fire, Animal Day
A selection of excerpts from Stephen Sayadian's movies and trailers.
BAUHAUS, Paranoia, Paranoia
BLOODYMINDED, Inverted Ruins
RU., Ce qui est connu
FOETUS, Mesmerism
TUNNELS OF AH, A Net of Woven Starlight

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