DF n°124, Interview with ASMUS TIETCHENS & Review of THE PSYCHICK BIBLE, December 20th, 2010

We met Asmus Tietchens as he came to play at the venue Lieu-Commun in Toulouse. This guy is a real genius and he has produced so many albums that it was quite hard to know where to begin with. During the same show, we did a review of the French translation by Camion Noir of The Psychick Bible, the cult book by Genesis P. Orridge. Jean-Pierre Turmel of the label Sordide Sentimental did a wonderful job on that book so it was necessary for us to talk about it.

Here's the playlist:

ASMUS TIETCHENS, Zeebrügge, Langer Anlauf, P.I.G. 2, Nachtgalle, Torpedo Ahoi, Unter Tage, Doch noch weiter, Die Liebe, ohne Ralf, Würgstoffe, Negus, Die Beisetzungen in Wien
PSYCHIV TV & THEE MAJESTY, Unclean Monks, I don’t remember his name, E was a Mirage, Feel Strange, All Beauty is our enemy, Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun, Filthier than thou THROBBING GRISTLE, The Old Man smiled, Hamburger Lady, United, The world is a war film, What a Day, Weeping, E-Coli
STEVE SEVERIN, Glory forever
DEATH IN JUNE, Hail! The White Grain, Murder Made History