DF n°102, Interview with SOL INVICTUS, January 18th, 2010

We went to see Sol Invictus play live in Marseille in November 2009 and we came back with this interview with Tony Wakeford. The new album had not come out yet, but they played a lot of songs that were to be found on The Cruellest Month, along with older songs such as "Lex Talionis". The interview was held at the venue with shitty music in the background played very loud, so it seems that we are screaming at each other. And it was the case, indeed.

Here's the playlist:

JULIA KENT, Gardermoen
DENIS FRAJERMAN, Rivières de la nuit
DRAHOMIRA SONG ORCHESTRA, This famous somewhere
INADE, Genius Loci 3
SOL INVICTUS/Tony Wakeford collaborations – They rise to war, Lucifer before Sunrise, Black Easter, Michael, 5, Wolf age axe age, The thrill is gone, Lex Talionis, The last train, Thrones, O Death come close my eyes, Death's head, 6, From the wreckage, Raven chorus, La croix, Oh whistle and I'll come to you, The cruellest Month (bootleg), In hell's mouth
FRANCE SAUVAGE, Cartilage Ihyroïde
SUSUMU YOKOTA, Distant sounds of summer
ANTLERS MULM, Shattered Pearl